Derek Bell and Ferrari: post your questions for our next podcast


Ferrari gave Derek Bell his first drives in Formula 1 and at Le Mans, but it wasn't the partnership of dreams. He will be talking about this period in our next podcast; let us know what we should ask

Derek Bell in a Ferrari 312 during the 1969 International Trophy at Silverstone

Bell's Ferrari 312 at the 1969 Silverstone International Trophy

Grand Prix Photo

Derek Bell and Porsche is a combination that brought such success for so many years that it’s difficult to imagine it could have been any other way.

But in 1968, Bell’s career looked to be heading in a different direction when his Formula 2 and 3 drives had caught the eye of Enzo Ferrari.

One successful F2 test later, and he was on pole for Ferrari at Monza. Before long, he would make his first start in Formula 1 with the team.
But it was a case of the wrong car at the wrong time for Bell, as limited opportunities and poor reliability offered him little chance to sign.

Even so, it was with Ferrari that he made his Le Mans debut in 1970, in a works car alongside Ronnie Peterson. His car, true to form, blew up on the Mulsanne Straight.

It was a partnership that was apparently not meant to be and Bell will be talking about his brief time with the Scuderia in the next Motor Sport podcast.

As ever, we’ll be posing questions for readers, so please add anything you’d like to ask in the comments below.