F1 2016 drivers rated by you


Last week we published Mark Hughes’s top 10 Formula 1 drivers of 2016, some of you agreed, some didn’t. Here’s how the two top 10s compare.

10. Valtteri Bottas

The Finn’s uncomplicated and unruffled performances impressed, but he only just edged Nico Hülkenberg from the top 10. Bottas averaged 9.7, Hulk averaged 9.78…

Mark: Valtteri Bottas 

9. Carlos Sainz jr

Two in two. His average position in your grid rating is 9.05.

Mark: Carlos Sainz jr

8. Sergio Pérez

The most contentious of omissions by Mark according to the comments, Sergio Pérez claims eighth averaging 8.1.

Mark: Romain Grosjean – you placed him 12th

7. Kimi Räikkonen

Readers and Mark in agreement again, Kimi averaged 6.54 to place seventh.

Mark: Kimi Raikkonen

6. Sebastian Vettel

Just shades his team-mate by a tenth, averaging 6.44.

Mark: Max Verstappen

5. Fernando Alonso

In a race of his own – he averaged 5.19 which places him two spots lower than Mark’s choice (third).

Mark: Sebastian Vettel

4. Max Verstappen

Some way clear of fifth, he missed the podium by a whisker – average spot 3.82, two places higher than Mark’s pick. 

Mark: Nico Rosberg

3. Nico Rosberg 

World champion Rosberg averaged 3.75, just 0.06 ahead of Verstappen.

Mark: Fernando Alonso

2. Lewis Hamilton

Comfortably top two, you put Hamilton at an average position of 2.9.

Mark: Lewis Hamilton

1. Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo’s average position was 2.53.

Mark: Daniel Ricciardo

In total that’s five places agreed on.

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