F1 Fantasy chips: What they are and when to use them


Make the most of your valuable 2024 F1 Fantasy chips with our guide on what they are, how they work and when best to use them

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What are F1 Fantasy Chips?

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If you’re looking for an edge in your league, or even the international standings, then you’ll need the right F1 Fantasy chips at the right moment. Deploy them tactically and the six boosts could give you a season-long advantage.

Just as F1 constructors bring new upgrades to improve on-track performance, so F1 Fantasy players can turbocharge their scoring through the use of chips — but for one race only per chip.

Each is best used in different situations. Some can be activated to completely change your line-up — free of charge — while others can give score multipliers, or offer a chance to capitalise on the unexpected. Once players have chosen to activate a chip it cannot be cancelled and it will not be available again for the rest of the season.

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What Chips can I use?

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Take advantage of every surprise and prepare for every outcome with F1 Fantasy chips

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There are six chips that F1 Fantasy players can choose from. These include Autopilot, Extra DRS Boost, No Negative, Wildcard, Limitless and Final Fix.


Ahead of each race weekend, players will be able to apply a DRS Boost (a 2x score multiplier) to one driver from their line-up. But with the Autopilot chip activated, F1 Fantasy will apply the DRS Boost to the highest scoring driver automatically — if it turns out to be different to your original choice.

When should I use it? F1 is full of unknowns. On a wet and windy weekend in Monte Carlo, almost any driver could snatch pole and a surprise race victory. So if you’re not sure which drivers or constructors are going to perform, activate autopilot to ensure that your top performing driver doubles their earnings.


Extra DRS Boost

Activate the Extra DRS Boost chip and place it on one driver to TRIPLE their points scored from a single race weekend. This cannot be applied to the same driver whom you’ve already given your 2x DRS Booster to.

When should I use it? If Max Verstappen, once again, finds himself in dominant form heading into the likes of Monaco, Imola or other circuits on which it’s hard to pass, placing a Extra DRS Boost on the Dutchman could be a good way to pocket some major points. Alternatively, place this chip on high-performing drivers during sprint race weekends where more points are on offer.


No Negative chip

The No Negative chip is great for damage control. When applied, if any of your drivers or constructors end up with a negative score total across a race weekend, their loss will be limited to zero points.

There have been some subtle changes made to this chip for 2024, as it will be applied to each individual scoring category not just the overall total, preventing any negative points from accruing. In most cases, F1 Fantasy players will score higher points totals, as their best performing drivers and constructors will not be weighed down with points lost from being overtaken or a bad qualifying session.

When should I use it? The No Negative chip is best used during a race weekend when adopting a particularly risky strategy or if heavy rain is set to cause chaos. Think of it as an insurance policy…


Wildcard chip

Team managers have two free transfers per race, but the Wildcard chip allows F1 Fantasy players to make unlimited changes to their line-up while staying inside the $100m cost cap.

When should I use it? Until a more certain running order is established, it’s best to save your Wildcard chip until at least the Australian Grand Prix. Then, F1 Fantasy players can reset their line-ups by picking the best drivers and the most consistent constructors, which should then put them on a positive path toward the top of the league tables.


Limitless chip

Much like the Wildcard, the Limitless chip allows F1 Fantasy players to make unlimited changes to their F1 Fantasy line-up — but this time with no budget.

Get Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, Sergio Perez, Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc (which cost a combined $112m) all under one roof, alongside Red Bull ($27.9m) and McLaren ($23.2m) as your constructors. The result should be a massive F1 Fantasy points haul…if everything goes to plan.

Your original team will then be restored after the race weekend.

When should I use it? The Limitless chip can help F1 Fantasy players recover from a slow start or in the latter stages of the season when top teams and drivers have separated themselves from the rest of the field, and results are more easily predicted.


Final Fix chip

When activated, the Final Fix chip does what it says on the tin, allowing you to make one single change to your F1 Fantasy line-up after the deadline which expires after qualifying and before the start of the grand prix.

When should I use it? This chip is best used when F1 Fantasy players need to trade in a driver or constructor who has qualified unexpectedly high on a track where overtaking can be tricky. Should Logan Sargeant shock the world on the rain-soaked roads of Monaco by putting his Williams on pole position, the Final Fix chip could allow you to take advantage and take home as many points as possible.


When can I use F1 Fantasy Chips?

Although there are six chips available in total, only three will be available during the first race of the season. These are No Negative, Autopilot and Extra DRS Boost. The remaining chips will be made available after your first F1 Fantasy line-up has completed an entire race weekend.

Each chip can only be activated once over the course of the season and only one can be used per race weekend.