F1 reveals new short race points system to avoid Spa repeat


A new F1 scoring system will cut the points awarded to drivers for shortened races and require at least two racing laps before any are scored, following last year's Belgian Grand Prix washout

Safety car goes through Eau Rouge at the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix

The only running in 2021 Belgian GP took place behind the safety car


Formula 1 is introducing a new points system that will prevent a repeat of last year’s Belgian Grand Prix when drivers received half championship points after processing for three laps behind the safety car without a single racing lap.

From this season, no points will be awarded unless at least two racing laps have been completed, and a new four-tier points system will be introduced with a sliding scale of points awarded until drivers have completed at least 75% of the scheduled race distance and are eligible for full points.

Under the previous system, half points were awarded after completing two laps and full points were given after 75% race distance.

Following a meeting of the F1 Commission ahead of the 2022 season, the new points system will be introduced as shown below:

Position At least 2 laps
Less than 25% race distance
At least 25%
Less than 50% race distance
At least 50%
Less than 75% race distance
More than 75% race distance
1 6pts 13pts 19pts 25pts
2 4pts 10pts 14pts 18pts
3 3pts 8pts 12pts 15pts
4 2pts 6pts 9pts 12pts
5 1pt 5pts 8pts 10pts
6 4pts 6pts 8pts
7 3pts 5pts 6pts
8 2pts 3pts 4pts
9 1pt 2pts 2pts
10 1pt 1pt

Under the new system, no points would have been scored at the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix because of the stipulation that a minimum of two laps must have been completed by the leader without a safety car and/or virtual safety car intervention.

The race began 25 minutes late under the safety car but was quickly red-flagged as drivers reported “undriveable” conditions. Hours of delay followed, culminating in another three laps behind the safety car before the race was abandoned. Half points were awarded for the shortest race (distance) in F1 history, which lasted three hours and 44 minutes between the scheduled start and eventual abandonment.

It is not clear whether spectators would have more rights under the new rules.

Attendees at Spa did not receive a refund for their tickets, but were entered into a draw for tickets to this year’s race, and were offered an F1TV subscription.