Fernando Alonso will race with titanium plates in jaw after cycling accident


After surgery for a cycling accident, Fernando Alonso will have two titanium plates in his jaw all year until they are removed at the end of the 2021 F1 season

Fernando Alonso, 2021 Alpine F1 Team

Alonso will race with two titanium plates before a post-season surgery to remove them

Antonin Vincent / DPPI

Fernando Alonso will undergo surgery after the 2021 Formula 1 season to remove two titanium plates from his jaw after his cycling accident last month.

The Spaniard was hit by a car in a supermarket car park as he prepared for his return to F1 after two seasons away.

He had corrective surgery on his upper jaw in Switzerland in February, delaying his training, but speaking at pre-season testing in Bahrain, Alonso says he expects no impact on his driving this year.

“I don’t expect any, any issues, honestly, I’ve been training,” Alonso said.

“I think three weeks or two weeks, absolutely normal. I’ve been in the simulator as well. The preparations were not affected too much; I miss only a couple of marketing days and filming days which I was happy in a way.

“I’m 100% on the personal  side, obviously two titanium plates that I have from the upper jaw will be removed. I think at the end of the season after the championship finish, but as I said they will not affect my professional life.”

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Alonso returns to Formula 1 after his disappointing spell with McLaren that was uncompetitive throughout his second spell with the team.

He is back with the outfit he won both of his world titles with in Alpine, formerly racing as Renault. Despite his time away from the series, Alonso said he wasn’t worried about his performance levels, highlighting his racing away from F1 as key.

“I don’t fear any particular challenge. Right now it is very competitive. So it’s something that we are aware of that we need to maximise and we need to find perfection every weekend if we want to score good points.

“Then another challenge not only for me, it’s going to be for everybody in the team and everybody in the paddock will be the 23 races.

“We have very talented people in the team. We have great designers, technicians. Some of the mechanics, they are still the same as my last time so that’s also a good touch of the old days as well, and a good atmosphere that we all want to repeat the success we had in the past.

“[There is] Very good spirit, very young talented people so, you know, we are in a nice organisation now so hopefully we can deliver.

“In terms of driving or intensive approach in the weekend working with the team, I think it should be quite smooth. I was not two years at home, I was racing every weekend, basically. So yeah, it should be fine.”