FIA approves new circuit protection for fans after catch fence tests


Dramatic videos show a new catch fence design approved by the FIA for F1 use

FIA catch fence

The new fence withstands impact from a 1000kg car


The FIA has approved a new catch fence designed to protect fans from debris during crashes.

Designed by Swiss company Geobrugg, the new fencing was tested and approved by the sport’s governing body for use at Grade 1 circuits, making it applicable for Formula 1 events.

A video posted by Geobrugg shows a car weighing 1000kg hurtling into the catch fencing at 150kph and the new design catching and withstanding the impact. Debris launched towards fans is minimised and no major pieces are seen flying through the fencing.

Also shown is a 780kg ball fired at it from a cannon at 60kph and once again, the fencing contains the impact and limits any debris from flying through the barriers.

Geobrugg says that its design that moves the supporting pillars further apart would help reduce the risk of injury to a driver if they impacted against the catch fencing.

“We aimed for no less than a revolution in debris fences,” Jochen Braunwarth, Geobrugg’s Director of Motorsport Solutions said.

“A massive impact on sustainability whilst trying to improve safety and installation friendliness of the system was our goal. I believe we have achieved this and more.

“Circuits looking for a more sustainable solution and improved spectator experience shouldn’t look any further.”