Formula 1 launches #WeRaceAsOne initiative focused on diversity and inclusion


F1 has announced plans to pay tribute to frontline workers and fight racism and inequality within the sport

We Race As One

Rainbows will be visible on cars and around the circuit beginning in Austria

Formula 1 has announced it is launching the #WeRaceAsOne programme focused on combating inequality and racism, as well as supporting frontline workers in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beginning in Austria, F1 will begin several displays of tribute and solidarity with those who are affected by the current pandemic as well as those experiencing racism.

Rainbows will be on display throughout the weekend both on cars and around the circuit while visual support in the fight against racism will also take place.

F1 has also said it will outline pledges to increase diversity within the sport later this week, and will create a “Task Force” in order to better understand current issues it is facing.

The initiative will be responsible for hearing and utilising feedback from throughout the paddock including drivers, in order to form plans on how best to combat key issues as well as improve diversity and opportunity.

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As well as combating issues of inequality, F1 has also acknowledged the need for sustainability to secure its future.

“Our first race in Austria at the start of July is a big moment for our sport after nearly four months of no racing,” F1 CEO Chase Carey said of the announcement.

“While it is an important moment for the Formula 1 community it is also a time to recognise the issues that are bigger than any one sport or country.

“The #WeRaceAsOne initiative we have launched today, in support of the #PurposeDriven Movement launched by the FIA last week, is our way of saying thank you to the bravery and unity everyone around the world has shown during this unprecedented time.

“It will also be a platform for Formula 1 to come together and achieve results against the most important issues facing us as a sport and the world.

“That is why at our first race in Austria, Formula 1 will stand united to say loud and clear that racism must end.

“We will show our full support in fighting inequality throughout the weekend and accelerate our own efforts to make Formula 1 more diverse and inclusive.

“As a global sport we must represent the diversity and social concerns of our fans, but we also need to listen more and understand what needs to be done and get on with delivering.”