Gallery: 2021 McLaren MCL35M Launch


McLaren is the first team to unveil its 2021 Formula 1 car

McLaren MCL35M

McLaren Media Centre

McLaren has unveiled images of its new 2021 Formula 1 car: the MCL35M, offering fans a first look at the slight revisions heading into the new season.

The MCL35M might be the most anticipated of all the cars on the grid this season as the team switches back to Mercedes power for the first time since 2014.

The inclusion of ‘M’ in the name marks the reunion, and the team will be hoping that the most dominant power unit on the grid can continue to help its charge back towards the top of F1.

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Lando Norris and new arrival Daniel Ricciardo unveiled the ’21 car at the McLaren Technology Centre in a livesteam, while McLaren CEO Zak Brown and team principal Andreas Seidl addressed expectations ahead of the new year.

“All of us at McLaren are ready and determined for another season of intensely competitive Formula 1 racing,” Seidl said.

“The entire team has worked hard over the short winter, together with our colleagues from Mercedes-AMG, to produce the MCL35M and provide a strong car for our drivers to race this year. This has been no small challenge.”