Lewis Hamilton considered retiring from F1 before 2024 British GP win


Lewis Hamilton has said he considered calling time on his F1 career during the period since his last win

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Hamilton has expressed the full range of emotions he's felt during the last three years

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Lewis Hamilton has related his emotions after taking his first F1 win in almost three years after an exhilarating 2024 British GP, saying that at some points he was so low he considered retiring.

While his team-mate George Russell has been able to take two wins in an inferior Mercedes car since the new technical regulations were introduced in 2022, the seven-time champion has had to watch on while taking a number of podiums and a pole position at Hungary last year.

Now Hamilton has banished all demons by clawing his way back to the top step – but the 104-time race winner says he felt like throwing in the towel during his darker moments.

“My heart’s racing,” he said in the aftermath. “I had so many amazing times here and in the past, but when I came across that line, something released in me that I guess I’ve been holding on to for a long time.

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Hamilton took a popular win at Silverstone

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“It was the most emotional end to a win that I’ve ever experienced. I always wonder why I never cry – you see Rubens Barrichello crying! I was like that doesn’t happen to me [but it] hit me hard.

“I think after such a difficult 2021, we just tried to come back but obviously we as a team had a really difficult time.

“There were just so many thoughts and so many doubts in my mind along the way – to the point of at times wanting to not continue.

“So to drive, and to continue to get up and to try and finally succeed is honestly is the greatest feeling I can remember having.”

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When asked on what keeps him motivated to stay dedicated to racing, the Hamilton pointed to the support team he has around him – as well as the millions of fans.

“I definitely know for sure that I couldn’t do what I do without the friends that I have, the people that I get to interact with and meet around the world and particularly here in UK.

“Growing up, seeing my dad come around the corner to give me my first helmet – I always thought my parents would be my only followers!

“It’s very incredible to have that support because that really does lift you up when you see people, and they’re so generous when they’re gifting you something or always just pumping out positive energy to you. So that’s one thing that keeps me going.

“And the other is just that glimpse of hope, like even if it’s the tiniest speck, I just try to not ignore that and just continue to focus on my inner peace day by day.”

Hamilton embraced his father Anthony immediately after getting out the car, and the latter paid tribute to his son’s determination.

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Seven-time champion credited fans with motivation to carry on

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“He was never gonna give that up,” Anthony said. “You just have to watch the [lap] times, you know it was a tenth here a tenth there.

“It didn’t matter what was happening, Lewis was in full control, there’s absolutely no way with that current car and the tyres he had underneath him that he was going to allow that win to slip [from] the British public, and that’s what drove him on.

“It’s great for the team and it’s great for the British public. I’m driving [into the circuit] through the crowds and these guys have got shorts, T-shirts on waiting for the Great British weather, but everybody’s still here!

“No-one’s complaining and they’re all looking forward to a great weekend. And how proud do we feel to be able to provide that for them?

“it’s important for the British crowd, but it’s also great for British motor sport.”