Hamilton won't sign another long-term contract: 'I've achieved most of what I want to achieve'


Lewis Hamilton says he has little more to do in F1, and has alluded to a more long-term goal

Hamilton Mercedes 2021

Hamilton says he has little more to achieve in F1


Lewis Hamilton has said he will not sign another long-term F1 contract, saying: “I’ve achieved most of what I want to achieve.”

After much conjecture throughout 2020 about whether the 7-times champion would carry on in F1 with Mercedes, eyebrows were raised when he eventually signed just a one-year deal, his first ever at the top level of motorsport.

Speaking at the launch of the Mercedes’s 2021 car, the W12, Hamilton gave his reasoning for signing a short-term deal.

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“Fortunately I’m in a fortunate position where I’ve achieved most of what I want to achieve up this point, so there’s no real need to plan too far ahead in the future,” he said.

“I think we live in quite an unusual period of time in life and I just wanted one year as a…then we can talk about if we do more, keep adding it one [year at a time] if we have to.”

Hamilton is looking to win a record eighth driver’s title this year, allowing him to overtake Michael Schumacher’s tally of seven. Mercedes is aiming to win an eighth consecutive title and 1oth in total.

Last year, Hamilton was vocal in his support for the Black Lives Matter Movement, and also started the ‘Hamilton Commission into improving the representation for Black people in UK motorsport.’

Quizzed on what his main objectives for 2021 would be, Hamilton alluded to a more long-term goal aside from winning the championship, but stressed he is still focused on hitting performance targets for the team.

“The main priority for 2021: in the past it was just about winning championships. Last year there was a lot of discussion about equality and inclusion and I think there was a lot of talk,” he said.

“This year it’s about really pushing for diversity and making sure that action is taken.

“So that’s at the core of the drive for me, but of course we exist to win. So that’s what all these guys and girls here are working towards, so that’s my goal – to deliver that for them.”