New Year revelations


A Happy New Year to all our bloggers and contributors to our regular debates. It looks like being a good year, with lots to look forward to in the season ahead. Last year I made some predictions about what might happen in 2009. Some of them came true – not many, I agree – but some were on the ball. So it’s time now to gaze into the Motor Sport crystal ball and ruminate on a few things that just may come to pass this season.


So, here goes:
1. Hamilton and Alonso will have at least one collision.
2. Valentino Rossi will win the MotoGP championship.
3. Michael Schumacher will win a race.
4. Audi will win at Le Mans.
5. Bernie Ecclestone will start to prepare for his retirement.
6. The Renault Formula 1 team will be a shadow of its former self.
7. Kimi Räikkönen will return to F1 in 2011 with Red Bull.
8. Sebastian Vettel will move to Mercedes-Benz.
9. Lotus F1 will be the best of the new GP teams.
10. Somebody will run out of fuel before the end of a Grand Prix.


Testing for the new F1 season gets underway in less than a month’s time. Then we will start to see how much of the above is daft, and how much is looking possible. Meanwhile welcome back to a new year of debates, and keep your comments coming.

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