Pirelli previews Australian GP


Since Pirelli replaced Bridgestone as the sole Formula 1 tyre supplier two seasons ago, their handiwork has been one of the major talking points at track and pub alike.

It was only around half way through 2012 that the teams got their heads around Pirelli’s tyres. They would last for a number of laps, but when they went ‘over the cliff’, it happened immediately and with little warning. Kimi Räikkönen’s Chinese Grand Prix was one to forget, dropping from second to fourteenth in a matter of laps as he struggled to the finish. Strategy became even more important than before, but it was hit-and-miss. See Sergio Pérez’s late charges at Montreal and Monza for examples of Sauber getting it right.

So here we have some explanation and a great reference point for the race. Pirelli will be doing one of these videos before each race, so if it seems like the winner was pulled out of a hat, at least you can figure out how his name got in there in the first place.

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