Silverstone’s new track


Having lost the British Grand Prix to Donington, Silverstone replied by securing the British MotoGP round in 2010.

However, as many of you may know the very flat, airfield circuit is perhaps not the best place for the MotoGP bikes with its fast flowing corners. Not to mention the fact that even Formula 1 cars are dwarfed by the Tarmac that’s wide enough to host sprint races across its width.

Today though Silverstone announced provisional plans for major modifications to the track following the five-year agreement with Dorna (MotoGP’s promoters). The main difference is the introduction of the ‘Arrowhead’ that sees riders and drivers dive right, rather than left, at Abbey and head down a short straight that’s interrupted by a gentle left and then right and into the new corner.

The Arrowhead will have new grandstands, which will include one that lets spectators view Becketts at the same time. Richard Phillips, the managing director of Silverstone Circuits Limited, seems to be following the ‘new’ movement of building circuits for the fans as well as the competitors. “The new Arrowhead on the inside of Becketts will be a major new feature of the circuit. The fast approach and sharp left should provide plenty of opportunities to overtake, making it a real focal point for spectators,” Phillips commented. “The views will be fantastic, especially from the new spectator banking areas and grandstands we will be building around the Arrowhead.”

The current Grand prix circuit will by no means be made redundant and Silverstone’s managing director was keen to point out that the new layout is largely aimed at two wheel races. Even if the circuit couldn’t meet the price tag of hosting the British Grand Prix beyond 2009, they aren’t holding back on improving things for the MotoGP races – the cost of development is estimated to come in at £5m.

Lets hope the changes go ahead as planned and the new layout receives the appropriate final homologation…

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