Silverstone: what was your experience?


As the sun shone on Sunday afternoon, the crowd of 125,000 enjoyed a fantastic British Grand Prix on one of the best racing circuits in the world.

But over the course of a weekend blighted by heavy rain and even heavier mud in the car parks, the patience of fans was tested to breaking point by the conditions at the self-styled ‘Home of British motor racing’, to the extent where Silverstone’s boss was forced to warn people to stay away from Saturday’s qualifying day.

The morning after, Motor Sport would like to hear from fans about their experiences at Silverstone over the weekend. Did you go? If so, how was it for you? Were you impressed how Silverstone coped with a very difficult situation? Or did the circuit fail its fans thanks to organisational shortcomings?

We’ve like to hear your stories, both good and bad. Please post your views below.

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