Top 10 Archive stories of the year


As the January 2016 issue of Motor Sport hits the shelves we look back the the most-read pieces on the archive in the magazine’s 92nd year.

10. The Unlikely Lads

When a Lord, a superstar and a man named Bubbles started an F1 team no one took them seriously. Until they won. Shaun Campbell looks at the short, glorious life of Hesketh.

Read ‘The unlikely lads’ from June 1997

9. How Ferrari recovered its old energy

Now in his second spell at Ferrari, Englishman James Allison is a key cog in the team’s bid to get back to regular winning ways… but there are other, broader reasons for its recently improved form as Mark Hughes explains.

Read ‘How Ferrari recovered its old energy’ from June 2015

8. Cockney rebel

Barry Sheene was the cheeky Londoner who brought sex, drugs and rock and roll to motorcycle racing. A decade after his death, we assess the 1976 and 1977 500cc World Champion’s merits as a racer.

Read ‘Cockney Rebel’ from April 2013

7. Lunch with… Sir Frank Williams

Given his place in Formula 1’s hall of fame, it’s hard to believe he once ran his Grand Prix team from a phone box…

Read ‘Lunch with… Sir Frank Williams’ from May 2015

6. Decoding the enigma

Lewis Hamilton divides opinion like no other current Formula 1 driver. Somewhere between the deifying and the vitriol lies the truth behind this monumental – yet flawed – talent of the tracks.

Read ‘Decoding the enigma’ from October 2014

5. Janspeed’s Sensational Rover Turbo

The best supercharged road engine?

Read ‘Janspeed’s Sensational Rover Turbo’ from April 1979

4. Penske’s last great unfair advantage

Clever rule reading plus IImor’s secret engine helped Roger Penske’s savvy team dominate Indy in ’94 – but it turned out to be a one-off opportunity.

Read ‘Penske’s last great unfair advantage’ from August 2010

3. With Moss in the Mille Miglia

On May 1st 1955 motor-racing history was made: Stirling Moss won the 1,000-mile Mille Miglia. It was the first and only win for a British driver, and Motor Sport‘s own DSJ had the very great privilege of sitting beside him throughout the epic drive.

Read ‘With Moss in the Mille Miglia’ from June 1955

2. Kevin Magnussen

A revealing ‘In the spotlight’ charting the rise of Kevin Magnussen, just prior to his move up to the driver’s seat at McLaren and onto the Melbourne podium.

Read ‘Kevin Magnussen’ from February 2014

1. Ferrari’s 20 greatest F1 drivers

Simon Arron compiles his list of Ferrari’s 20 greatest Formula 1 drivers with barely a statistic in sight. It’s subjective, rather than definitive…

Read ‘Ferrari’s 20 greatest F1 drivers’ from February 2014

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