Verstappen vs Norris beat any 2021 race – for whingeing: Up/Down Austria


Will F1 drivers ever just zip it and race? The 2024 Austrian GP didn't give us much hope

Max Verstappen Lando Norris 2024 Austrian GP

Will Norris and Verstappen come to on-track blows again?

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When Max Verstappen and Lando Norris look back as old men in the year 2084, in their hyper-modern rocking chairs in a trillionaires’ retirement home, they’ll have years of heroic acts on which to reflect – the race wins, the championship glory, the daring moves and thrilling battles.

Eight-time world champion Verstappen and ten-time championship runner-up Norris (we’re hypothesising, OK?) might be a bit hard of hearing by this point in the future but, if anything in their case, that would probably be a good thing.

Why? Because if the soundtrack of their Styrian squabble is anything to go by, it will be practically unlistenable.

It’s difficult to envisage Moss, Hill, Clark or Brabham whining their way through an entire race – but somehow Verstappen and Norris managed it, ruining the experience for everyone watching at home.

It all began with the McLaren driver alerting his team about a late release by Red Bull in the pitlane, and descended into farce from there as both whinged on about each other’s overtaking moves.

In the world’s most technically advanced sport, this doesn’t need to happen – we can all see it! So can the teams, the stewards etc. Today’s heroes would do well to be a bit more, well, heroic.

The hypocrite’s hypocrite – Goin’ Down 

Max Verstappen Red Bull 2024 Austrian GP

Verstappen focusing on his next contradiction

Red Bull

Verstappen complaining about Norris dive-bombing before then shoving him off the track – ruining their races – still shows the Dutchman has a world class lack of self awareness.

Nothing wrong with being a villain on track – just own it, don’t moan it. And therefore…

F1’s dark side – Goin’ Up 

McLaren Lando Norris 2024 Austrian GP

Does this shredded Google logo represent something beautiful for F1 fans?

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…it’s good to see a bit of needle. Verstappen then not letting Norris through when both were walking wounded was brilliantly petty.

The hate boiled over afterwards with Norris possessing a face of thunder in his post-race interview, barely able to get the words out.

And F1 fans rejoiced – an actual rivalry! Some good, old-fashioned bad blood! Will it hold out for the rest of the season?

Statesmanlike Stella – Goin’ Up

McLaren boss Andrea Stella was right to point out that Verstappen has never really been properly punished for driving however he likes, using the 2021 battles with Lewis Hamilton as an example – hence those bad on-track habits resurfacing.

Without saying it was the right thing to do, this partly reached its logical endpoint in’21 when Hamilton put a strong move on Verstappen at Silverstone – sending the Dutchman into the barriers at Copse.

Hamilton had to demonstrate to Verstappen what happens when you race in the same uncompromising manner he does. Perhaps Norris now has to do the same? Just maybe try not to collide.

Forze farce – Goin’ Down

Carlos Sainz Ferrari 2024 Austrian GP

Ferrari comms leaving a little to be desired


Ferrari got on the blower to tell Leclerc he might still score points when in reality there was no chance. Vintage Scuderia.

Haas full – Goin’ Up

Haas Nico Hulkenberg Kevin Magnussen 2024 Austrian GP

Haas 2026 concept looks like it needs work


The Banbury band scored a sixth and an eighth, its best result for two years. Which was also a sixth and an eighth. In Austria.

Slow off the mark – Goin Down

Oscar Piastri McLaren 2024 Austrian GP

That lovely gravel though

Grand Prix Photo

We appreciate it’s not easy, but lack of quick decision-making by the stewards probably sent the race spiralling out of control.

Even with all the new track limit provisions, they still couldn’t make their penalty calls quick enough – which likely had a hand in the incident that spoiled the race for the lead…

Trap back – Goin’ Up

Gravel trap 2024 Austrian GP

Another look at that lovely gravel

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That said, last year’s mind-bending track limit violations are gone, and gravel’s back baby. It’s like ’90s F1 all over again (kind of).

Formula Partridge at the double – Goin’ Up

George Russell 2024 Austrian GP

Norfolk rejoices

George Russell

Russell absolutely ‘A-Ha!-ed’ his way to the win there. Well deserved.

Daniel Ricciardo fan 2024 Austrian GP

Just felt it was right to include this picture

Grand Prix Photo