What will F1 display on the brand new Las Vegas Sphere?


The Sphere is a striking new addition to the Las Vegas skyline. Here's how it will be used over the Grand Prix weekend, what it has displayed so far, and how much each advertisement costs

The Sphere Las Vegas 2023

'Visable from almost anywhere': the MGM Sphere will be used by F1 throughout the race weekend

Las Vegas

Even in a city that advertises itself in blazing lights, its latest big-screen display is something to behold. The 300ft glowing orb that is the Las Vegas Sphere will be an unmissable feature of this weekend’s Grand Prix, as cars race under its surreal glow.

Standing at over 300ft tall, the dome is located just off the Las Vegas Strip and is made up of over 1.2m hockey-puck sized LED lights which combine to produce high-quality dynamic 360-degree imagery. Construction cost an eye-watering $2.3bn — with prices inflated by the Covid-19 pandemic — but the Sphere has proven be a viral success, complete with an 18,000 seat theatre inside which has already played host to a U2 concert.

Even while racing wheel-to-wheel on track, drivers be able to have a glimpse of the structures breathtaking display, as the circuit’s second sector winds directly around the structure before sending them down the 2.1km Boulevard. But aside from being a tremendous advertisement opportunity for companies wishing to take advantage of F1’s world-wide reach, the Sphere will also have a direct role in the Grand Prix itself.


What will be on the Sphere during the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend?

Las Vegas Sphere 2023

The Sphere will be one of many centres of attraction at this weekend’s Grand Prix

Las Vegas

Speaking to Motor Sport, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO Steve Hill revealed that the Sphere will be used as a giant advertisement board for the majority of the weekend, with F1 imagery and material woven in. But on race day, it will become a beacon of information.

“During the race itself, it’ll be used for signings [yellow flags, red flags, safety car notices etc],” said Hill. “If drivers need information or fans need information, it’ll flash up on the sphere.”

It’s unclear exactly the signalling will work, particularly as there are also reports of the key warning flag colours colours red, yellow and blue being banned from display during the race so as not to confuse drivers. A statement from the race organisers outlined: “Real-time pole position announcements, thrilling podium celebrations, a dynamic showcase of all 20 drivers and their iconic cars as well as F1 helmets which will serve as iconic backdrops for fan photos.”


What has the Sphere showcased before?

Since its completion in September, the Sphere has showcased a number of dynamic images and video that have since gone viral on social media.

The NBA utilised it to promote its Summer League — turning the Sphere into a massive basketball — while U2, as part of their residency, displayed a baby-faced space helmet.

Other exhibits have included a giant yellow smiley face, an eye, a pumpkin and even a live planet earth.

Las Vegas Sphere 2023

Las Vegas' Sphere took trick or treat to a whole new level

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Yellow Smile Las Vegas

The iconic smiley face could return over the F1 weekend

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How much is it to advertise on the Sphere?

With almost every advert on the Sphere going viral, the cost of each display is extortionate. Companies pay an estimated base fee of $450,000 per day, with access to MSG’s 300-strong team of designers and an estimated social media reach of 4.7 million different users.

F1 has booked the display throughout the Grand Prix weekend, and has sold advertising slots on the dome, which will be displayed as well as its own graphics.