Who needs overtaking?


If I was given a pound every time someone told me that they ‘didn’t watch Formula 1 because it is just an expensive procession’, I would now be in a position to buy a two-seater F1 car and send them out for 5 laps with Raikkonen around Spa. Until that glorious time, I am afraid that I will have to argue my case on these pages.

Midway through the race on Sunday it did cross my mind how anybody could argue that the Monaco Grand Prix was anything but brilliant entertainment.

After years of complaining that we need overtaking in the sport, it seems relatively ironic that the most enjoyable race of the year so far was in the Principality, where it is harder to overtake than Hammersmith Broadway in rush hour, driving a bendy bus.

I am certainly not against the rule changes for next year, but the more circuits we have like Monaco and Singapore where mistakes are rewarded with a race-ending kiss of the barriers, the better as far as I can tell. I don’t want to lose the old faithfuls but I am already hoping that it’ll be raining in Monaco next year.

Sadly I wasn’t able to make it out there, but without a doubt, it was the most entertaining F1 race I had seen on the TV for a long time. Or was this just me getting a little over-excited?

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