Ford's finest, head to head: GT40 & modern GT

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We take two generations of Ford GTs on the road to find out how the Le Mans-bred sports cars compare

Ford Gts tracking

Jayson Fong

Separated by more than 50 years, the first Ford GT40 and the latest Ford GT were created with the same purpose: to win at Le Mans.

To find out what — if anything connects these mid-engined sports cars, Andrew Frankel borrowed road-legal versions of each and headed to the twisting tarmac of Wales.

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The veteran model has genuine racing pedigree: delivered to the American Scuderia Bear team in 1966, and subsequently raced at Sebring. Repaired after a crash, it has now been modified for the road… with the addition of a number plate.

The modern GT may be further removed from the race track, but its roots lie in the 2016 Le Mans GTE-winning Ford GT, which took the chequered flag 50 years after the company’s infamous 1966 victory.

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