UK motor sport revival continues with Croft's Ferrari bonanza

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The Ferrari Owners' Club of Great Britain is gearing up for six races, hours of track day time and a multitude of classic machinery on display at its Croft event on June 26-27

Ferrari lead 2

Packed grids of classic Ferraris are expected across the weekend

Ferrari Owners' Club of Great Britain

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After over a year of silence shrouding the UK’s race tracks, circuits are now beginning to roar back to life.

There’s almost no better example of this than the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain, which is set to hold a festival of all things Ferrari on June 26-27 at Croft.

“Spectators have the opportunity to get on the circuit with the track day”

Six thrilling races, hours of track day time and a multitude of Maranello machinery on show across the weekend means there’s enough on and off-track action to keep any petrolhead household occupied, with Club Secretary Will Brown saying it will be a “complete celebration of the marque”.

The Club’s mainstay championship, the Ferrari Pirelli formula classic, already has thrilling championship narrative playing out, after the formbook was ripped up over the first round of races at Brands Hatch.

“It was pretty horrendous weather all weekend, but what that meant is the smaller and lighter 328s came through to beat the more powerful 355 Challenge cars which you generally find at the front of the field,” Will says.

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“Chris Butler, who is normally at the sharp end of 328 group, managed to score three outright wins, which was something that’s fairly unprecedented.”

Whilst there will also be three races for the more modern Ferrari Club Racing Series, it’s not the just the competitive drivers who get to have all the fun this weekend in North Yorkshire.

“Unusually, with this event, we’ve got the opportunity for non-racers to get on track as well, with a track day actually taking place in the race weekend,” explains Will. “You can’t do that very often, unless you’re running the event yourself.”

It’s not all just being done in the name of fun though – there’s also a very worthwhile theme to an element the Club is offering at Croft.

“Spectators have the opportunity to get out on track as well,” Will notes. “With our charity partner Extra Cover, which is providing education for children in the Far East, people will have the opportunity to go out for passenger rides in Challenge cars, be it a 488, a 458 or 355, which is quite special.”

Away from the asphalt, there’ll also be a chance for the paying public to get up close with some of finest sports cars in the world, both new and old.

“We’re also expecting to see some of the latest models,” Will says. “Last time out Ferrari brought an 812, the new Roma, the SF90 and the F8 Tribute.”

Ferrari 3

Huge car displays will allow spectators to get up close with Maranello machinery


He emphasises how Ferrari events can always be relied upon to throw up a few surprises.

“Someone else did brought along a Monza SP2, along with their Ferrari Enzo – as you do!”

That’s not forgetting some of Modena’s more classic offerings: “We’ve been really pleased at previous events with cars like 250s and 330s that came out from the ’60s as well – so I’m expecting more of the same.”

If you get tired of the cars, there’s also some fail-safe alternatives to keep you entertained.

“There’ll also be live music, food and all the usual kind of family friendly stuff as well.

“It’s really a sort of a complete celebration of the marque.”

A celebration, also, of motor sport returning to the UK’s tracks once more.

The Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain Croft Meeting takes place on June 26-27 – tickets can be purchased here.