1957 British Grand Prix

British and European Grand Prix

Saturday, July 20, 1957
Warm, dry and overcast
Fastest Lap:
Moss, 1m59.2
1957 season:

Vanwall Achieves Undisputed Victory at Last

Aintree, July 20th.

The English motor-racing scene suffers from a split personality just as the French one does, for whereas France alternates between Rouen and Reims for its National Grande Epreuve, England alternates between Silverstone and Aintree. This year it was the turn of the Northern circuit to hold the British Grand Prix and, for what it was worth, it was also given the title of the European Grand Prix. This is a rather pointless title which carries no significance with it and is given to one of the major Grand Prix races in the World Championship each year by the F.I.A. and allows the organisers to pretend that their event is the most important of the season. In actual fact all World Championship events carry equal status.

It was rather remarkable that, after running in a full-length Grand Prix for the previous two weekends, the major teams were all ready on the first afternoon of practice at Aintree, which was on the Thursday before the race. The Vanwall team were the first to start practice on the rather damp track, and they had all three entries out, being driven by Moss, Brooks and Lewis-Evans, the number-one driver having recovered from his bout of sinus trouble, Brooks being more or less fit again after his Le Mans accident, and the new boy, Lewis-Evans, fresh from his excellent drive at Reims, while the cars were well turned out, as always.