1959 United States Grand Prix

United States Grand Prix

Saturday, December 12, 1959
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Trintignant, 3m05.0
United States
1959 season:

Sebring, December 12th

The first Grande Epreuve to be held on United States soil was organised by Alec Ulmann of the Automobile Racing Club of Florida at his semi-aerodrome-cum-road circuit, at Sebring in Florida. The circuit, which is 5.2 miles round, consists of fast runways with artificial corners lined with rubber tubs, and a section of road which is the only bright spot on this circuit. The course is a fairly winding one, which is heavy on brakes and tyres. From the start a concrete runway goes straight for a short distance, then there comes a left-hand tub-marked corner, followed shortly by another such left-hander; at this point there is a change of surface, from concrete to tarmac; a short straight brings the drivers to the esses, which is one of the few tricky parts of the circuit. Next is a short straight leading to a sharp hairpin followed by a much longer straight between hangars to a sharp right and left, back on to the concrete perimeter where through two tub-marked right-handers the course comes back behind the pits to a wide radius 180-deg. turn 200 yards from the startline. This is the lap, and the most difficult thing for the drivers in the featureless open spaces in the middle of this aerodrome is to find a fixture for braking points and lines through corners. In fact parts of the circuit resemble a driving test layout at a small British club meeting.