1964 Dutch Grand Prix

Grote Prijs van Nederland

Sunday, May 24, 1964
Race winner:
Warm, dry and sunny
Fastest Lap:
Clark, 1m32.8
1964 season:

Clark, Lotus and Climax Uncatchable

Zandvoort, Holland, May 24th.

The organisation of the Dutch Grand Prix this year was undertaken by the N.A.V., a sporting association acting on behalf of the K.N.A.C., rather like the B.R.D.C. running the British Grand Prix for the R.A.C., and this new organisation invited a carefully selected field of eighteen drivers to take part. It went without saying that all the works teams were included, and the only regulars who were missing were the British Racing Partnership drivers. The Ferrari team of Surtees and Bandini were both entered on V8 Ferraris, with a V6 Ferrari as a spare, the B.R.M. pair, Graham Hill and Ginther, had two 1964 cars that they had used at Monte Carlo, as did Brabham and Gurney with the Brabham cars, and Clark and Arundell with the Lotus cars, while McLaren and Phil Hill had 1964 Coopers and Amon and Hailwood had the Parnell Lotus 25 cars. Bonnier had Rob Walker's new Brabham-B.R.M. and Siffert had a similar car, while Anderson had his new Brabham-Climax. The Centro-Sud B.R.M. cars were driven by Maggs and Baghetti, and de Beaufort completed the list with one of his old 4-cylinder Porsches.