Hans-Joachim Stuck, Hall of Fame nominee


Lunch with … Hans Stuck

As the son of a pre-war Auto Union ace, racing was in his blood. Today, ‘Junior’ is a cult hero in his own right
By Simon Taylor

It’s intriguing how often sons of racing drivers become racers themselves. In Formula 1 Nico carried on the work of Keke, as did Jacques for Gilles and Damon for Graham. Sometimes grandsons follow to make a third generation, or brothers and cousins. The remarkable Andretti and Unser dynasties spring to mind.

In the campsites around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, they’ll tell you about Die Stuckrennfahrerdynastie. Hans Stuck von Villiez drove for Auto Union in the 1930s, winning Grands Prix and dominating mountain hillclimbs. Including the interruption of World War II, his racing career lasted 39 years. His son, Hans-Joachim Stuck, beat even that. When he hung up his helmet this year his cockpit time, covering F1, endurance racing, GTs and touring cars, had spanned 43 seasons. Now his two sons, Johannes and Ferdinand, are busy GT racers in Europe.

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