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MotoGP’s tyre-gate

Opinion by Mat Oxley, August 13th 2014

Racing is mostly about self-interest. It can be no other way. And even though...

The problem at Ducati

Opinion by Mat Oxley, July 30th 2014

It is good news that Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso have re-signed with...

Can racing ever be too safe?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, July 16th 2014

Here are a few philosophical questions for you. Can motorcycle racing ever be...

Why the fans love Goodwood

Opinion by Mat Oxley, July 2nd 2014

I never made it to Assen. Instead of heading north east last week I found...

Putting the brakes on

Opinion by Mat Oxley, June 4th 2014

Many years ago I asked Wayne Rainey what’s the fastest he had been on a...

Mugello: Holy of Holies

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 21st 2014

The psyche of most racers is a precarious thing. Their confidence is like a...

Round, black and...

Opinion by Mat Oxley, May 7th 2014

So, at the end of next season, MotoGP will switch from one brand of round black...

Who's cheating now?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 30th 2014

So that’s the 2014 MotoGP championship dusted, best talk about something else...

Marc Márquez: "He's playing"

Opinion by Mat Oxley, April 16th 2014

If you are a MotoGP rider, may I suggest you don’t read the following, but if...

MotoGP's young guns and old dogs

Opinion by Mat Oxley, March 26th 2014

That Qatar race was pretty special and not only because it was hugely...

Moving MotoGP's goal posts

Opinion by Mat Oxley, March 19th 2014

And here come the players, out of the tunnel and into the stadium; just 15...

Why the door was left Open for Ducati

Opinion by Mat Oxley, March 5th 2014

Dorna’s Open plan is to get all the factories using their software to make...

Open season on the factory teams

Opinion by Mat Oxley, February 12th 2014

No doubt who was the star of last week’s Sepang tests, even if Marc Márquez did...

MotoGP: Silly season or stupid season?

Opinion by Mat Oxley, January 29th 2014

So, the silly season started early this year; in mid-January to be precise....

Inside the mind of Casey Stoner

Opinion by Mat Oxley, January 15th 2014

I spent some of the festive break reading Casey Stoner’s autobiography, Pushing...

2013 MotoGP season review (Part 2)

Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 11th 2013

Unlike football, tennis and many other sports, there are always many more...

2013 MotoGP season review (Part 1)

Opinion by Mat Oxley, December 4th 2013

This is going to sound corny as hell – I believe the biggest winners of the...

A changing of the guard in MotoGP

Opinion by Mat Oxley, November 13th 2013

That was quite a weekend in all kinds of ways. But most of all it was a...

What might happen in MotoGP at Valencia

Opinion by Mat Oxley, October 30th 2013

Who remembers the last time the MotoGP World Championship went down to the wire...

A grand farce at Phillip Island

Opinion by Mat Oxley, October 23rd 2013

Embarrassing. No other word for it, really. Well, apart from incompetence on...



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