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Bloodhound land speed record car breaks 500mph barrier in South Africa test

by Jake Williams-Smith, November 6th 2019

Bloodhound LSR topped its benchmark testing target of 500mph in the South...

Fastest woman on four wheels, Jessi Combs, killed in record attempt

by Dominic Tobin, August 29th 2019

"Adventurous and passionate" Jessi Combs killed following a jet car crash in...

Bloodhound land speed record attempt set for 500mph test in South Africa

by Dominic Tobin, July 10th 2019

Bloodhound land speed record bid is back on track with plans for a 500mph test...

Watch Rudolf Caracciola smash the land speed record

by Graham Keilloh, January 30th 2019

Witness unearthed footage of an extraordinary but harrowing day from January...

Bloodhound to attempt speed record in late 2019

by Samarth Kanal, May 16th 2018

Bloodhound land speed record to take place in South African desert after major...


December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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