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Sheene versus Roberts at Silverstone: 40 years on

by Mat Oxley, August 20th 2019

Barry Sheene and ‘King’ Kenny Roberts fought a breath-taking duel for victory...

Why new tyres have changed MotoGP & Oliveira to replace Zarco at KTM?

by Mat Oxley, August 14th 2019

More news from the 2019 MotoGP Austrian GP: how tyre molecular chains are...

Ducati’s man-management disaster could cost it MotoGP glory

by Mat Oxley, August 13th 2019

Ducati won its first MotoGP race in five months on Sunday, but the weekend...

2019 MotoGP Austrian Grand Prix: Dovi sweeps executioner's axe

by Mat Oxley, August 12th 2019

The trouble with Andrea Dovizioso is that he doesn’t have a killer’s instinct....

When Mighty Mick won his first crown

by Mat Oxley, August 6th 2019

It’s a quarter of a century since Mighty Mick Doohan won his first 500cc world...

Take two naked MotoGP riders… Ducati's curious 2003 photo shoot, starring Bayliss and Capirossi

by Mat Oxley, July 30th 2019

They say you have to suffer for your art and that’s exactly what MotoGP's...

How I ride: Fabio Quartararo

by Mat Oxley, July 23rd 2019

MotoGP’s latest rookie revelation talks about controlling wheelspin with his...

Ducati in MotoGP: looking for the perfect motorbike

by Mat Oxley, July 16th 2019

Like Eldorado, the perfect MotoGP bike doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean...

Viñales’ ascent, Rossi’s descent. More from the MotoGP German Grand Prix

by Mat Oxley, July 10th 2019

The ex-world champ helping to remake Viñales; confusion in Rossi’s garage; why...

After the first MotoE race, it’s not the present that really matters — it’s the future

by Mat Oxley, July 9th 2019

Sunday’s historic electric first MotoE race at a grand prix event was only the...

2019 MotoGP German Grand Prix — Márquez's latest record: 66 degrees of lean!

by Mat Oxley, July 8th 2019

How Marc Márquez​ swept to his tenth consecutive German GP win on Sunday, using...

Is Valentino Rossi slow? The numbers say no. More from the Dutch TT

by Mat Oxley, July 3rd 2019

The numbers that show Valentino Rossi hasn't lost his speed; whether Márquez is...

The birth of modern motorbike Grand Prix racing: talking with Kunimitsu Takahashi

by Mat Oxley, July 2nd 2019

It’s very nearly impossible to speak to the dawn of modern racing. But it...

2019 MotoGP Dutch TT: why Yamaha won and Ducati was nowhere

by Mat Oxley, July 1st 2019

Assen is unique, which is why some bikes excelled at the 2019 MotoGP Dutch TT,...

How do the MotoGP riders do it?

by Mat Oxley, June 25th 2019

Read how the top MotoGP riders, including Marc Márquez, Andrea Dovizioso and...

How I ride a TT Zero electric motorbike: Michael Rutter

by Mat Oxley, June 25th 2019

Just over one week before MotoGP’s first MotoE race we find out how the world’s...

MotoGP celebrates 70 in Catalunya as Yamaha eyes a breakthrough

by Mat Oxley, June 20th 2019

The final set of reports from the Catalan MotoGP Grand Prix: a brief glimmer of...

Is Petrucci breaking his word to target the title? More from the MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix

by Mat Oxley, June 19th 2019

Has Petrucci changed his tune about Ducati winning the title? Quartararo...

MotoGP’s aerodynamic advances: wings are creating more wings

by Mat Oxley, June 18th 2019

What’s the story behind the fuel-tank wings appearing on MotoGP bikes? It’s all...

2019 MotoGP Catalan GP: Lorenzo 'would've loved to have crashed alone'

by Mat Oxley, June 17th 2019

Jorge Lorenzo may have ruined a great MotoGP race in Barcelona but his crime...



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