MotoGP Mutterings: 2019 Qatar Grand Prix parts 1, 2 and 3

by Mat Oxley on 19th March 2019

The complete set of MotoGP Mutterings from the 2019 Qatar Grand Prix

MotoGP Mutterings: 2019 Qatar Grand Prix

Cal Crutchlow MotoGP Qatar 2019

"The main takeaway from the first race of the season is simple: basically nothing has changed since last year, which is a good thing, if you like close, unpredictable racing."

Did Dovizioso really win? Why was this the closest top-15 in MotoGP history? And where do Rossi and Viñales stand?

MotoGP Mutterings: 2019 Qatar Grand Prix – Part 2

MotoGP Qatar 2019

"If there's a major new innovation which is deemed to be not illegal, F1 deems it legal for the season so that the team can race with it. Maybe that's the way MotoGP needs to go."

The latest on aero-gate, how Honda overtook Ducati on top speed and Fenati's MotoGP plans.

MotoGP Mutterings: 2019 Qatar Grand Prix – Part 3

2019 Qatar MotoGP finish

"Saturday evening at Losail was carnage."

Why MotoGP avoided a night of carnage, what’s happened to Lorenzo’s luck, why KTM didn’t do so bad after all and Triumph’s first-ever Grand Prix ‘victory’.




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