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Piëch's "electric car without drawback"

by Andrew Frankel, March 14th 2019

A familiar name is launching an all-electric car, and this one promises to be a...

'A supercar with hatchback emissions'

by Andrew Frankel, February 28th 2019

Cars could sport one pedal in the future to aid regenerative braking. Don't...

The Porsche 917: a monument to heroism

by Andrew Frankel, January 31st 2019

What made the Porsche 917 so special? Was it the 917’s looks, danger, or...

Why 2019 is electric cars' crunch year

by Andrew Frankel, January 3rd 2019

Electric cars are set to flood the market in 2019, but buyers still need to...

"2018 was a year to forget for the car industry"

by Andrew Frankel, December 26th 2018

The rise of the SUV, company heads jailed and the demise of the diesel: 2018...

Electric cars: the uncomfortable truth

by Andrew Frankel, December 12th 2018

Electric cars are just another bridge to the real answer, reckons Andrew...

Porsche 992: The all-new 911

by Andrew Frankel, November 28th 2018

This is the eighth generation on the Porsche 911. Andrew Frankel explains what'...

Andrew Frankel: the motor industry can’t go on like this

by Andrew Frankel, October 3rd 2018

Is the disappointing Paris Motor Show a sign of a wider automotive industry...

Andrew Frankel: "For a company like Tesla, this whiffs of desperation"

by Andrew Frankel, July 25th 2018

Elon Musk's bizarre approach to public relations leads Andrew Frankel to ask:...

Jaguar’s powerhouse

by Gordon Cruickshank, June 29th 2018

The motor that transformed the marque It’s a long time back now, but once upon...

Taking the Ford Mustang to Le Mans

by Jack Phillips, June 26th 2018

On the way to the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours, this V8-powered Ford Mustang turned...

Aston Martin Vantage: 'a hardcore driving machine'

by Andrew Frankel, April 11th 2018

Does the new turbocharged, autoboxed Aston Martin Vantage have heart? Andrew...

McLaren F1 reinvented

by Andrew Frankel, April 4th 2018

McLaren's doing the unthinkable – bringing the F1 to the modern day ...

Should Lotus relocate?

by Andrew Frankel, March 21st 2018

Will Norfolk-based Lotus bloom under Geely's new ownership? ...

2018 Kia Stinger review

by Andrew Frankel, March 16th 2018

Kia targets German establishment with a bold new saloon ...

Aston Martin: the Lagonda lives on

by Andrew Frankel, March 7th 2018

Early signs point to a reassuringly well-executed revival of Aston Martin's...

The 2018 GT3 RS and Röhrl: something to savour

by Andrew Frankel, February 21st 2018

Porsche has launched its new GT3 RS, with the help of a rally legend – on ice...

'80s month: RUF CTR 'Yellowbird'

by Lyndon McNeil, February 13th 2018

View our gallery of the RUF CTR 'Yellowbird' and watch it take on the...

'80s month: A decade of glorious excess

by Gordon Cruickshank, February 12th 2018

Gordon Cruickshank reflects on how a boom decade showed off on the road as part...

Updated: Introducing the McLaren Senna

by Samarth Kanal, February 7th 2018

McLaren pays homage to Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna with a run of 500...



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