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Things ain't what they used to be

by Andrew Frankel, October 15th 2013

One day soon when cars have learned how to drive themselves - and it’s not even...

Does top speed still matter?

by Andrew Frankel, October 8th 2013

Koenigsegg, the Swedish supercar manufacturer, has just announced the latest...

Alfa Romeo's 4C launch at Balocco

by Andrew Frankel, September 25th 2013

This is why I love Italy. Last night we turned up at the Balocco test track to...

Jaguar's SUV

by Andrew Frankel, September 3rd 2013

The secret is out. Ish. Jaguar has released the first picture of a new car and...

The joys of a 1964 Fiat 500

by Andrew Frankel, August 13th 2013

I fear I may have been taking my own advice a little too seriously. Almost...

The return of TVR

by Andrew Frankel, July 30th 2013

I see reports in the press promising that TVRs will be back on sale by 2015. I...

F1 driver to give VUHL public debut

by Damien Smith, July 10th 2013

Gumpert is not a ‘fast’ word. Neither is Koenigsegg (I struggle just to...

The rising price of Aston Martins

by Andrew Frankel, June 4th 2013

Am I alone in still goggling at some of the prices paid for Aston Martins at...

Autobahns to stay without limits

by Andrew Frankel, May 21st 2013

Spare a moment if you will for one Sigmar Gabriel, chairman of the German...

Peugeot 205GTI vs 208GTI

by Andrew Frankel, May 14th 2013

I’ll admit that, thanks to the presence of a Peugeot 205GTI in my shed, I was...

The art of oversteer

by Andrew Frankel, April 23rd 2013

This week I want to talk about oversteer, that curious condition requiring you...

The new Jaguar F-type

by Andrew Frankel, April 17th 2013

At one minute past midnight this morning, I became allowed to tell you I’ve...

I miss rubbish cars

by Andrew Frankel, April 9th 2013

I am told with tedious regularity that there’s no such thing as a bad car any...

Fantasy car design

by Andrew Frankel, April 3rd 2013

Infiniti has announced that Sebastian Vettel is its new ‘Director of...

A new driving test

by Andrew Frankel, March 26th 2013

I was at school on my 17th birthday which is the only reason that was not also...

Future classics

by Andrew Frankel, March 19th 2013

With the prices of classic cars apparently immune to the ill-effects of a flat-...

Jaguar and Dewis return to Jabbeke

by Alex Harmer, March 5th 2013

In the April issue of Motor Sport, Simon Taylor sat down for lunch with Norman...

Ferrari and Porsche's new cars at Geneva

by Andrew Frankel, March 5th 2013

So it’s called the ‘LaFerrari’ as, I understand, it is meant to encapsulate...

Connecting road cars with race cars

by Andrew Frankel, February 26th 2013

McLaren is just about to launch a road car with more power than its current...

Why concept cars are (usually) rubbish

by Andrew Frankel, February 19th 2013

We’re just two weeks from press day for the Geneva Motorshow, the single most...



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