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'Where you'll find me when speed limiters are forced'

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, April 25th 2019

Compulsory speed limiters will be fitted to new European cars from 2022, so...

For sale: a prowling pair of XJ220s

News by Graham Keilloh, April 17th 2019

Two examples of what was once the world fastest production car are to go under...

Lotus announces 'Type 130' hypercar

News by Samarth Kanal, April 16th 2019

British manufacturer latest to announce hypercar plans Lotus has announced the...

The land speed record-breaking BMW M1

News by Graham Keilloh, April 12th 2019

A BMW M1 that popular racer Harald Ertl converted to set an LPG land speed...

Porsche Taycan: first impressions

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, March 28th 2019

What Andrew Frankel learned as a passenger in the Porsche Taycan Images...

Life-size LEGO McLaren Senna unveiled

News by Graham Keilloh, March 26th 2019

The McLaren Senna has been faithfully recreated by LEGO – block, stock and...

Piëch's "electric car without drawback"

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, March 14th 2019

A familiar name is launching an all-electric car, and this one promises to be a...

Morgan sold to investment company

News by Samarth Kanal, March 6th 2019

Morgan out of family ownership as Investindustrial acquires hand-built-car...

Updated: Ginetta reveals images of new supercar

News by Samarth Kanal, March 5th 2019

All-new British supercar from racing manufacturer Ginetta unveiled, aims to be...

Watson: Penske is the "greatest president the USA never had"

News by Samarth Kanal, March 4th 2019

The 1981 British Grand Prix winner John Watson picks his fantasy US President...

'A supercar with hatchback emissions'

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, February 28th 2019

Cars could sport one pedal in the future to aid regenerative braking. Don't...

Maserati's all-out MC12

News by Graham Keilloh, February 21st 2019

Rare, exclusive and extremely fast, this is one of just 13 special competition...

John Harold Haynes OBE: 1938-2019

News by Gordon Cruickshank, February 16th 2019

The man who changed the way Britain looked at its cars, John Haynes, passed...

How Bentley is celebrating 100 years

News by Graham Keilloh, January 31st 2019

The marque confirms its calendar of special events in Europe and the USA to...

The Porsche 917: a monument to heroism

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, January 31st 2019

What made the Porsche 917 so special? Was it the 917’s looks, danger, or...

Ginetta teases new supercar

News by Samarth Kanal, January 30th 2019

British racing car manufacturer says 600bhp supercar is in the works Ginetta...

RUF 930 'Flachbau': understated German power

News by Lyndon McNeil, January 29th 2019

This flatnose RUF 930 is a piece of rare, subtle engineering, and Lyndon McNeil...

Products of the month: January 2019

News by Samarth Kanal, January 25th 2019

Our products of the month, including brilliant car care products, a limited-...

Ford Capri's 50 years to be marked at Classic

News by Graham Keilloh, January 23rd 2019

The Capri’s half-century is the latest anniversary to be celebrated at this...

MPH: Ferrari could thrive on Domenicali return

Opinion by Mark Hughes, January 18th 2019

Ferrari could do with Lamborghini boss Stefano Domenicali's input, given the...



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