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Where's the future of Land Rover?

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, January 4th 2012

Like most industries, the car business awards itself a large holiday over...

My 2012 wish list

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, December 27th 2011

Presuming this reaches you at or around the start of the New Year, can I just...

A reality check for Renault in the UK

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, December 20th 2011

Renault has announced it is taking a chainsaw to its UK operations, cutting...

Toyota sees the fun side

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, December 6th 2011

Sometimes it is not what is said but who is saying it that provides a statement...

A poor show for Tokyo

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, November 30th 2011

It’s been a long time, six years I think, since I last attended a Tokyo...

A very different 911

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, November 25th 2011

I have just climbed, somewhat breathless, from the driver’s seat of the new...

Muscle cars are back

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, November 17th 2011

Ford’s big news from this week’s Los Angeles Auto show was the unveiling of its...

Gold-level fuel saving

Opinion, September 13th 2011

The London Olympics is fast approaching and with that comes partners, sponsors...

The greatest of the lot – Norman Dewis

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, September 3rd 2010

Last night I had the great privilege of attending Norman Dewis’s 90th birthday...

A modern take on tradition

Opinion by Damien Smith, July 29th 2010

Evolution, not revolution. It’s something of a mantra in motor racing circles,...

Audi R8 Spyder

Opinion, May 28th 2010

If you've ever wondered what an Audi R8 Spyder sounds like through a tunnel...

On the Road... in Germany

Opinion, April 29th 2010

As part of Ed Foster's new column 'On the Road', we've armed him with a video...



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