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Classified spotlight: Ferrari F40 GT

History, March 9th 2015

The 488 GTB, Ferrari’s new mid-engined supercar, is not naturally aspirated....

Forced induction vs natural aspiration

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, March 3rd 2015

I was fascinated to discover that Mercedes-Benz’s brand new AMG GT GT3 race car...

Classified spotlight: Porsche 911

Opinion, March 2nd 2015

Porsche’s Weissach operation – responsible for all the manufacturer’s RS models...

Geneva: excess all areas

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, February 24th 2015

And so unto the shores of Lake Geneva do those pilgrims we call car...

Death of the Defender

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, February 17th 2015

I’ve learned a new word. I wanted to describe what happens when winter visits...

Classified spotlight: Porsche 904/6 Carrera GTS

History, February 16th 2015

With strong sales expected for the newly launched Cayman GT4 and anticipation...

That time of year

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, February 10th 2015

My dogs are so tuned into me that if they see me donning a pair of trainers,...

Problems for Suzuki

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, February 3rd 2015

This was going to be a column about the ever more ludicrous car names...

The new Jaguar XE

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, January 28th 2015

There are a few phrases a motoring journalist does not want to hear when...

Porsche's future plans

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, January 20th 2015

This I will never understand. A car manufacturer goes to an international motor...

The Ford GT is back

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, January 13th 2015

Ford, it has to be said, played something of a blinder. It had be known for a...

Hall of Fame at London show

Opinion by Damien Smith, January 9th 2015

Adrian Newey, Christian Horner, Martin Brundle and David Coulthard were among...

Dewis recognised with OBE

History by Andrew Frankel, January 6th 2015

I will never know why it took until the man was in his 95th year, but Jaguar’s...

Looking forward to 2015

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, December 30th 2014

Have you yet read anywhere that 2014 was a vintage year? Of course you have –...

The return of car classes

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, December 16th 2014

When I first started doing this job, the kind of car you bought was determined...

The Ferrari FXX K

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, December 9th 2014

For a while I’ve been pondering Ferrari’s naming strategy because, frankly, it...

Mercedes AMG GT S vs Porsche 911 GTS

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, November 18th 2014

What are the chances of two car manufacturers based in the same city launching...

MPG manipulation

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, November 11th 2014

Well at last someone has put some figures to a situation we’ve known has...

Spinning off Ferrari

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, November 4th 2014

For the first time since it took a controlling interest in 1969, Fiat and...

Best of the Best

Opinion by Ed Foster, October 28th 2014

Ironically, Top Gear’s Stig is actually a very eloquent bloke. Ben Collins is...



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