Porsche 917K – Le Mans – 1970 | Stefan Marjoram | A5 Greeting Card

The stunning Porsche 917 depicted by Stefan Marjoram has been printed onto a quality A5 greeting card.


Sold By: Stefan Marjoram


The Porsche 917 is often regarded as one of the greatest sports racing cars of all time. Even when it wasn’t winning, back in ’69, even when evil aerodynamic instability of the early cars killed poor John Woolfe, everyone knew the Porsche 917 would change sportscar racing forever.

It was different because it was savage in a way no other sportscar before or since has been, different because, unlike the Ford GT40 from which it wrested the mantle of fastest sportscar of the day, you needed almost freakish talent to make the most of it, particularly in those early days.

The stunning artwork of Stefan Marjoram has been printed onto a quality A5 greeting card.

Printed on quality A5 card with white envelope.


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