ARCC Moulton® TSR | 11-Speed | Royal Red | Bike

Standing the test of time, the revolutionary Moulton® design remains a staple of classic British style and ingenuity.


Sold By: Arcc Bikes


First produced by Dr Alex Moulton CBE in the ‘60’s, the basic Moulton® concept is to improve ride comfort and efficiency by using small wheels with high-pressure tyres, supported from a rigid frame by carefully engineered rubber suspension units.

The ARCC Moulton® bicycle, with its outstanding efficiency, speed, comfort and responsiveness is ideal for commuting or on-road riding. The bike delivers a well-tuned, responsive ride everywhere you go.

ARCC Bikes offer a 5-year frame warranty on all new Moulton® TSR bikes.

You can also build your own bespoke bike on the ARCC Bikes website.

Bike Specifications




11 Speed Shimano Alfine Hub


Standard black saddle


Straight flat handlebars


Royal Red

Please note that we only ship to addresses within the United Kingdom.


For returns please contact our customer support team on .

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