N.A.R.T: A Concise History of the North American Racing Team | Terry O’Neil | Book | Hardback

A concise history of the North American Racing Team 1957 – 1983, a now legendary team forever associated with the prancing horse of Ferrari.



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Luigi Chinetti’s association with Ferrari, and the origins, formation and racing history of NART (North American Racing Team). A complex organisation, inextricably linked to Luigi Chinetti Motors Inc, NART enjoyed success on the race tracks of the US and Europe for three decades – as well as financial difficulties and arguments with organisers – to rightly become a legend.

Most people with an interest in motorsport will be familiar with the acronym N.A.R.T., yet few people profess to know too much about the North American Racing Team.

Starting in the second half of the 1950s, NART existed for three decades, during which it experienced successes on the tracks of America and Europe. It also suffered financial difficulties and arguments with track organisers.

This book explains what NART was, how it was formed, and what it achieved over three decades of competition. It wasn’t just sports cars that were entered into races, NART entered Formula One cars and Formula Junior cars as well.

Never as financially stable as his rival team owners, Chinetti did deals with Ferrari to purchase the latest specification sports cars at the end of a season, in order to attract the best drivers to drive for NART. It was also an opportunity to lease the cars on a race-by-race basis, an arrangement that appealed to some of Chinetti’s clientele.

Whilst success on the track was significant, problems were never far away. Working on the cars with limited staff, and not receiving spares from Ferrari on time, NART always appeared to be in a state of crisis.

No matter … despite the difficulties, the formula worked well for Luigi Chinetti, and the acronym N.A.R.T. has rightly become legendary.

  • Describes Luigi Chinetti’s achievements prior to the formation of NART
  • Chinetti’s unique relationship with Enzo Ferrari
  • The formation of the North American Racing Team
  • An insight into how NART functioned
  • Why and how NART was involved in Formula One
  • The fall-out with the Le Mans organisers and subsequent consequences
  • The question of who drove the NART car to victory at Le Mans
  • Examples of vehicle purchase documents from Ferrari
  • Reveals the payments made to drivers for their services
  • Includes details of NART entries to races in America and Europe



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