Lotus 72D – 1972 British GP – Emerson Fittipaldi | Pre-Order available now

This amazing Pocher model features detail from the monocoque chassis right up, through the suspension and engine components to the incredibly detailed cockpit. All logos are faithfully recreated and with real rubber tyres this impressive 1:8 model will become the star of any collection of motorsport heroes, famous cars, or pieces of art.

The finished model measures out at an incredible 523mm long, with a width of 235mm.


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Delivery estimated to be March 2023

The Lotus 72 is seen by many to be the most beautiful, innovative and iconic Formula One racing car of the 1970s. Colin Chapman’s revolutionary idea of moving the radiator from the front of the car to a pair in side-pods allowed a sweeping change in the looks, handling and ability of Formula One cars. Firstly in Gold Leaf colours and then in the stunning black and gold of JPS, the Lotus 72 swept all before it in the early 1970s, proving to be the class of the field. Powered by a just as legendary engine – the Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8 – the Lotus mated the power of this world-beating engine with handling that left the rest of the field behind. This chassis – identity number 7 (of 9) – was raced at the 1972 British Grand Prix by the soon to be World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi. Around the sweeping confines of the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit, Emerson emerged victorious over the Tyrrell of Jackie Stewart by just 4 seconds as he charged towards that year’s crown.

These premium self-assembly quality kits contain over 800 parts made from a range of materials including metal, rubber, textiles and premium quality plastic. Other key components such as the body shell, front and rear chassis, suspension and steering are injected in high-quality die-cast metal and are fully painted. Features such as steering, suspension and spoiler mechanisms are functional alongside opening doors and hatches. Even the fuel cap can be opened!

Presenting fully detailed parts has been one of the most well-known Pocher features over the years. Our aim is to exactly reproduce every detail as shown in real life; even those that might not be seen once the model has been assembled. We always pay special attention to the engine, where every little part seen in the real one can be found!

This impressive 1:8 model will become the star of any collection of motorsport heroes, famous cars, or pieces of art.

Delivery estimated to be March 2023


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