E-Type Jaguar DIY | Chris Rooke | Softback

If you own a Jaguar E-Type and don’t want to spend thousands on payments to garages, this book is for you! Perfect for those who are looking to carry out home servicing and repair on their beloved E-Type’s. With exhaustive detail and illustrative pictures, this book will quickly become the gospel for E-Type owners.


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Want to own a fabulous E-type Jaguar, the sexiest and most loved sports car ever created? Can’t afford the tens and tens of thousands of pounds or dollars or euros to go and buy a renovated one, or have one professionally restored? Is it possible and practical to restore or work on one yourself at home, or will it all end in tears, and be an expensive, depressing mistake? This book can help bring the dream to reality.

This is the story of how one man completely restored his E-type Jaguar, transforming it from a complete wreck into a very lovely and usable example of the most iconic sports car of all time.

Drama teacher, Chris Rooke has had no engineering training but his uniquely candid approach to the subject is both instructive and fun. He freely admits his mistakes in these pages so that others can avoid them while giving masses of practical advice that could only be written by someone tackling the challenge for the first time. Copiously illustrated in colour throughout.

Key Points

Complete DIY restoration of an E-type Jaguar

Perfect for those who carry out home servicing and repairs

Details the trials and tribulations of an inexperienced enthusiast

Simplifies and reaches the parts that the manuals don’t

Gain the specific knowledge necessary to work on an E-type

Anecdotes and mishaps, both amusing and encouraging

Brutally honest, very detailed, 360 pages, over 550 photos


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