Original Jaguar E-type | A guide to originality for owners, restorers and enthusiasts | Malcolm McKay | Hardback book

An invaluable resource for E-type owners, restorers and enthusiasts.


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The Jaguar E-type is considered by many to be Britain’s finest sports car, and has become an icon of the sixties and seventies. The car has won innumerable accolades for style, performance and engineering. For many, owning an E-type has been a lifelong dream.

The car’s original specification, and the changes that Jaguar made during production, are fascinating for the detail they reveal of the engineering and sales challenges that the car faced – for many owners and enthusiasts they are crucial to every E-type’s historical integrity.

This beautifully produced book contains a wealth of information and detailed photographs, gleaned from extensive research, providing an accurate reference source to originality for all production E-types – Series 1, 2 and 3.
An invaluable resource for E-type owners, restorers and enthusiasts.

• Published in the 60th anniversary year of the E-type’s headline-grabbing debut, to be launched at the E-type 60 weekend in Shelsley Walsh on 12-13 June 2021.
• An all-new edition of Original Jaguar E-type containing extensive new research and photography which has unearthed significant new information to aid in establishing the originality of E-types produced by Jaguar for all markets.
• In-depth analysis of original factory engineering, equipment, options, modifications and updates for all Series 1, 2 and 3 E-types.
• Lavishly illustrated with over 1,000 detailed colour photographs of a wide range of original cars.
• Summary tables of all chronological changes made by Jaguar during production.
• In-depth information and photographs detailing: identification number locations; bodywork; interior and exterior equipment and trim; weather equipment; engine, fuel and ignition systems and ancillaries; electrical systems; transmission; brakes; suspension and steering; wheels and tyres; colours; options and accessories; paint and trim colours.
• Appendices detailing the original tool kit and literature supplied by Jaguar with new E-types, including chronological changes to individual tools and literature, plus an appendix detailing specifications and types of original bolts used on the car.


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