Sports Cars & Saloons: Crimond

It was 1956 when Jim Clark was coaxed into making his racing debut at Crimond. David Finlay revisited the site with Ian Scott Watson, the man who did the coaxing...

Standing on a piece of dull Aberdeenshire countryside, shivering against the wind as it blasts off the North Sea, you might not at first realise that there was anything of particular motor sport significance going on, or that the ghost of one of the most remarkable careers in racing history was whispering around you.

More fool you, then. This is Crimond airfield, just beside the village of Crimond and about halfway between Fraserburgh and Peterhead. It’s on what used to be known as the ice cream road, in the days when you bought an ice cream in one town and bet your friends that it wouldn’t have started melting by the time you drove into the other. It was a feat requiring a very high average speed, which is why the Fraserburgh to Peterhead road is now the most Gatso speed camera-intensive in Scotland.

The 1996 Motor Sport article with Scott Watson and an Auto-Union 1000 – the nearest thing in Britain to the Clark-driven DKW in the mid-1990s