F1: Race report, August 1965

A close thing...

Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images

This year the R.A.C. sold the rights of the British Grand Prix to the British Racing Drivers’ Club and they enlisted the support of the Daily Express to organise the event at Silverstone. While the circuit is not the best of places for a grand prix, it has been the scene of many British GP events, as well as being the traditional home of British motor racing for years.

Clark and Hill are always expected in the front row of a starting grid and we are becoming used to Stewart joining them, but the appearance of Ginther and the Honda VI2 was very much a ‘cat among the pigeons’.

The flag fell and it was a magnificent start, with the Lotus of Clark and Ginther’s Honda surging ahead. As they went under the bridge at the end of the pits the Honda was two lengths in front of the Lotus. They went into Copse corner with the Lotus squeezed against the wall on the inside. Ginther held his place and for once Clark did not get the lead on the first corner, and it was not until Hangar Straight that Clark got ahead. Once in front he gave it all he had and finished the opening lap in the lead. Hill and Surtees got by the Honda on the second lap and the BRM driver was practically holding the leading Lotus, but Surtees could not keep up.