Page 68, November 2016

History repeats itself

Goodwood Motor Circuit has been active for as long in its second life as it was in its first. We look back across two different eras and speak to those who’ve known the venue both then and now | ...

Page 92, November 2016

Two wheels, 400mph the chase is on

Best known for his pursuit of TT victories on the Isle of Man, one of Britain’s most celebrated racing motorcyclists last month set his eyes on a new target in a very different environment writer Guy...

Page 100, November 2016

Charge of the light brigade

From the salt flats of Bonneville to the grippy asphalt of Santa Pod – and an unlikely contender in the race to become the world’s fastest street-legal electric vehicle   writer Jonny smith |...

Page 106, November 2016

“I was the only one who didn’t get paid…”

He shared beers with Jim Clark and the Porsche 917’s maiden race victory with Jo Siffert, but slipped away from motor racing to embrace conventional civilian life. Kurt Ahrens remains one of our...

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