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Page 76, March 2011

Lunch with... Alex Wurz

Tall men are not meant to make top racing drivers, yet he had a busy 12-year career as F1 racer and tester. Now his heart is set on a third Le Mans winBy Simon Taylor Alex Wurz looks like Hollywood’s idea of a racing driver: alert, clear-eyed, charming yet steely, wiry and very fit. And tall. But, as we know, in real life the most successful racing drivers tend to be little guys. It’s not just...

Page 45, September 1976

Defeating Rust, Preserving Chrome

A. Sanderson & Co. of Hull have been supplying those with rust problems with their "Kurust" which kills rust and primes the metal surface in one application, since 1960. Now they offer "Chromeguard", a quickdrying clear lacquer for the protection of chromed parts. It contains an anti-corrosive additive for full protection. The former is available in 125 and 250 ml, bottles, the latter in 125...

Page 72, July 1994


Itook advantage of a staff visit to Brooklands Museum to discuss last month's 70th Anniversary issue of MOTOR SPORT. (I bought my first copy of The Brooklands Gazette from the bookstall on Marylebone Station in 1924, at the age of II. I was there with my mother, awaiting the arrival of her sister from Aylesbury, and ordered all issues from then on.) After the meeting, 1 went round to the other...

Page 60, November 2010

Goodwood Revival 2010

Tom Kristensen starred on his racing debut at this year’s Revival, there were tributes to John Surtees and BRM, plus a supermarket like no other… Just when you think the Revival can’t offer anything new, the team at Goodwood throws in another attraction or race that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The 2010 Goodwood Revival was another weekend of fantastic racing, stunning cars, period...

Page 128, May 2013

On the road with... Simon Arron

Dirty HurryLydden Hill, February 22: European Rallycross drivers gather for pre-season testing Lydden Circuit presents a Festival of Motor Sport: racing cars, bangers, karts and rallycross." I have the programme still, dated May 31, 1976. It was one of my earliest trips to Lydden — and the venue hasn't greatly changed during the subsequent 37 years. Back then the paddock was packed with Commer...

Page 52, February 2000

Reality Bytes

With more computers than an early NASA rocket the latest Nissan Skyline GT-R should be almost as much of a blast. So why, ask Gavin Conway, does the sum not equal the parts? It was the most awful car I have ever driver. Even a massive dose of technology had failed to redeem what was an execrable driving experience; the thing had a simply mind-bending number of different settings for steering and...

Page 36, October 2008

Readers' Letters

Stacey’s sock tactics Sir, Interviewed by Simon Taylor in July, Peter Warr mentioned Alan Stacey who had lost part of his right leg in a motorcycle accident. One of my National Service pals, Dave Pearce, worked with Alan at de Havilland and recalled one of his favourite stunts. Before using an electric pistol drill near anyone unaware of the artificial limb he would say, “I’ll just test this one...

Page 33, January 1989

Under scrutiny

Andy Rouse Engineering Powerhouse From the moment you walk into the new premises in Solihull and see the 24 trophies neatly lined up on a shelf in the reception room, you appreciate just how successful Andy Rouse Engineering is, despite only having been formed in 1981. It occupies a small site covering just 700 sq ft with a staff of just 18, yet it is a veritable powerhouse. Like many racing...

Page 11, October 2013

Matters of Moment

On the morning of qualifying at the Hungarian GP, Bernie Ecclestone and FIA president Jean Todt were all smiles when they shook hands for the cameras. As they did so, it was announced that the pair had “signed an agreement setting out the framework for implementation of the 2013 Concorde Agreement”. So the new deal by which Formula 1 will henceforth be governed was done, right? Erm, no. Let’s...

Page 94, April 1997

Sideways glance

Nick Faure is Britain's most famous, and spectacular, 911 driver. What then would he make of the rather tamer Boxster? Roger Bell does the introductions If Porsche is pinning its future on the Boxster, I think it has got it wrong." It was the trader in Nick Faure who spoke first, not the driver. "Ask people what a Porsche is and they'll say 911." The veteran of some 600 races, 11 Le Mans and...


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