Articles tagged Alan McKechnie

Page 13, July 1997

Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams

With over 700 races and 250 rallies behind him, Williams continues to entertain on and off track No British race report is complete without a shot of a car ludicrously crossed up with Barrie Williams beaming through the window. Ruddyfaced, always chuckling, he seems to be everywhere at once in this, his 40th competition year. After leaving Hereford Cathedral School, he began rushing up Prescott...

Page 49, May 2001

Rolling thunder

F5000 stormed the early seventies and now it's ready to rumble once more. Bob Evans, the 1974 Champ, proves lighting can strike twice He had sounded keen on the phone. Jumped at it. Now he's not so sure. Can't say I blame him. Silverstone hardly rests easy on the eye even on the most glorious of days, and this morning has dawned slate grey, dank and dour. The Nissan Micra hire car he's driven...

Page 57, December 1999


BOB EVANS: A MISSED TALENT In an age of explosive and tragic British talents which yielded James Hunt,Tony Brise andTom Pryce, Bob Evans was unlucky not to make the highest echelon of motorsport Evans won the 1974 F5000 title before going on to drive for BRM, Lotus and a private Brabham in FI.Team boss Alan McKechnie, the man who gave Nigel Mansell his break in Formula Ford, won't be drawn about...

Page 77, October 2003

That sinking feline

Fifteen minutes of fame Puma Mk1: Crystal Palace F3 — June 18, 1971 Designed for one formula but run in another, this is a story of how a fast cat almost killed an F1 wannabe because he was curious to see how it would go. By Paul Fearnley Formula Three underwent a sea change in 1971: out went the 1-litre 'screamers', in came the wheezy 1600s. The doom-and-gloom merchants were predicting that the...

Page 26, May 2010

Alan McKechine

Motor racing lost one of its best-loved team owners of the 1960s and ’70s with the recent death of Alan McKechnie at the age of 72. Although confined to a wheelchair for 50 years, McKechnie supported the racing careers of many young drivers including Nigel Mansell, Andy Rouse and Barrie Williams. McKechnie had been a rally driver of repute until struck down by a virus aged 22. It was in Formula...

Page 67, April 1969

Men of Promise

A Dozen of Britain's brighter hopes for F.1 Motor Racing is a fascinating combination of man and his machine and should continue so for many years to come although it now seems possible that one day our scientists will be able to programme a computer to drive a racing car. The popular press often seems to be preoccupied by the man and to show a complete disregard for the very interesting machine...

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