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Page 45, July 1981

Reflections in the Harbour

Due to production schedules, D.S.J.'s reflections and notes on the cars at Monaco appear before the main report of the race, which will be found in the colour section on page 932. There was plenty of time to reflect before the Monaco Grand Prix started, for the start was delayed something like an hour due to fire breaking out in one of the hotels situated within the circuit, and on race day...

Page 61, June 1967


Some thoughts about choosing new editorial transport Deciding which new car to have, even when you are not paying for it yourself, is a problem. The best way of tackling it is to draw up a short-list of possibles, and then eliminate them one by one, until only the most desirable or practical remains. The choice is difficult even then, but I suppose we should be thankful that the variety is so...

Page 22, July 1932


ALFA-ROMEO DOES THE HAT TRICK THE prospects for the Italian Grand Prix to be held at the Monza track on Sunday, June 5th, were definitely promising. Official teams of Alfa-Romeos, Bugattis and Maseratis, backed up by ten well-known independent critics. Signor Vincenzo Florio, the organiser of the race, had every reason to be satisfied with his efforts. • In addition, one heard that the Bugatti 4....

Page 39, October 1979

The Italian Grand Prix

Forza Ferrari Monza, September 9th On arrival at Monza the most noteworthy thing to see was the first-class job the Automobile Club of Italy had made of the pits and paddock facilities. By very clever pruning of the existing pits and the wall between the pit road and the track they had effectively made the pit road three cars width in place of the previous two. Openings had been cut in the pit...

Page 32, October 1984

BMW win, Jaguar star

BMW win, Jaguar star Silverstone, September 9th THE 48th RAC Tourist Trophy was dominated by two things, the presence of the works Jaguars and the weather. The Jaguars, always a big box office draw at home, were doubtless responsible for attracting a good proportion of a crowd of over 15,000 who came not only to see them win, but also to see Tom \Valkinshaw clinch the ETC Drivers' Championship....

Page 21, October 1971

The 42nd Italian Grand Prix

The dice of the debutants Monza, Italy, September 5th. Before the meeting began there was not too much enthusiasm among the Italian populace for the 42nd Italian Grand Prix, even though it was the 50th anniversary of the running of the first Italian Grand Prix. This was because the fortunes of the Ferrari team were at a very low ebb following defeat in the Austrian Grand Prix, the race in which...

Page 72, June 1986

VSCC 1st Silverstone

The Vintage SCC's first Silverstone Race Meeting of this year, on April 19th, had both sad and happy connotations. Sad because it remembered the Hon Patrick Lindsay, one of the Club's outstanding and most popular racing drivers, happy because it recognised the 50th year in which Cecil Glutton, CBE, has been racing the 1908 GP Itala, that 12-litre giant. in VSCC events. The tributes to Lindsay...

Page 81, April 1983

VSCC Pomeroy Trophy

Despite being organised by the Vintage Sports Car Club, the Pomeroy Trophy offers cars of all ages the opportunity of competing on (hopefully) level terms in a variety of tests of driving and mechanical ability.  Assembling at a chilly Silverstone on the first Saturday in March were cars ranging in age from Collings' 1903 Mercedes to the Porsche 928S of D. Biggins, and in size from D. Woodward's...

Page 49, March 1978

Of sporting impact - Alfa Romeo's plans for Great Britain

Brabham Alfa Romeo is the wording on the red and white Grand Prix contenders of Niki Lauda and John Watson. It represents the ultimate in sales promotion for the 128 occupants of a late nineteen-sixties building at the northern end of London's Edgware Rd. Of course it is not just for Alfa Romeo GB that the Italian parent makes these gestures, but those words suns up a recently more-sales-...

Page 37, June 1981

Matters of Moment

Formula One Policy — No Holds Barred? No wonder Colin Chapman feels like abandoning Formula One Grand Prix motor racing, following the ban placed on his ingenious new Lotus 88 F1 cars. No doubt D.S.J. will be keeping us informed of developments in the Chapman camp and explaining the rights (if any) and wrongs behind the FISA decision. The way the layman-racing-enthusiast must see it is, surely,...


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