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Page 142, June 2014

VSCC Spring Start, Silverstone

The spectacle of 10 ERAs celebrating 80 years of the revered marque was a highlight of the annual VSCC Spring Start race meeting at Silverstone. Mark Gillies, working as hard as ever at the wheel of R3A, claimed a prestigious victory as new owner Dick Skipworth marked the return of the car he owned a decade ago. Building on the success of last year’s extended event, the Spring Start was a two-day...

Page 13, July 1997

Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams

With over 700 races and 250 rallies behind him, Williams continues to entertain on and off track No British race report is complete without a shot of a car ludicrously crossed up with Barrie Williams beaming through the window. Ruddyfaced, always chuckling, he seems to be everywhere at once in this, his 40th competition year. After leaving Hereford Cathedral School, he began rushing up Prescott...

Page 71, June 1993

Maserati Club at 21

The Maserati Club, the first of its kind in the world to be created for the marque, is 21 years old this year. The current membership, worldwide, is over 300. A handful of weekend rallies and a popular Christmas dinner are held every year. This year, there will be a bonus event to celebrate 21 years of activity. This will coincide with the Coys Historic Racing Festival at Silverstone on July 24/...

Page 67, November 2000

The classic restorers

Lynx Motors Int. As famous for improving new cars as for its reproductions of a great fifties sports-racer, Lynx also restores and maintains some of the rarest racing Jaguars. But, as Gordon Cruickshank discovers, it doesn't have to come from coventry to be sent here The name on the front wall gives a pretty clear hint as to the firm's long-time allegiance — Lynx, Jaguar, both elegant big cats....

Page 65, May 2001

Ecurie Ecosse Transporter

The famous Scottish team's flagship has brought Paddocks to a halt since 1960. Gordon Cruickshank takes a look at this HGV's impressive CV Few teams have enjoyed such loyal patrons as Ecurie Ecosse. Privately funded by a selfeffacing benefactor and a desperately keen supporters' club, it rode high on a tide of national pride to international success. One of the keys to this hearty support was...

Page 106, August 2006

Adrian Hamilton

If you hanker for a car that seems unattainable, you need to speak to Adrian Hamilton’s Haversham firm. There is one car, though, he’ll never sell. Words: Richard Heseltine. Photography: Charlie Hopkinson With a car dealing, Le Mans-winning raconteur for a father, Adrian Hamilton’s choice of career was a given. Not that he ever wanted to do anything else: “I’ve been very lucky in that my hobby is...

Page 125, July 2006

HSCC Silverstone

May 20th/21st `Whizzo' makes Jaguar sing in the rainVeteran showman gives a master class of car control during rain sodden HSCC birthday bash The spring weather did its best to wreck the HSCC's 40th birthday party at Silverstone, but when the sun came out late on Sunday afternoon Barrie Williams lit up the circuit with a mighty performance to win the BRDC Historic Sports Car Championship round....

Page 80, August 1993

Thruxton Silver Jubilee

Mention Easter Monday to a motor racing fan, and the chances are he'll think of Thruxton. For years, the BARC organised Formula 2 racing on that bank holiday which brought the top and soon-to-be-top international drivers to the Hampshire circuit; Stewart, Peterson, Hill, Lauda, Reutemann, Lafitte, and, memorably, Jochen Rindt, winner of the International event in each of the first three years....

Page 69, January 2007

Ecurie Ecosse transporter

Much more than just another transport vehicle, the Ecurie Ecosse transporter became as famous as the cars – and drivers – it carried. And it’s still playing the same role 50 years on. Words: Gordon Cruickshank. Photography: Tim Kent It’s almost like walking into Merchiston Mews in Edinburgh in the 1950s: open the wooden doors and there’s a row of metallic blue sports-racers. On the flank of each...

Page 56, October 2006

Lunch with... Barrie Williams

The most prolific driver in British motor sport can’t remember how many races he’s done. But Simon Taylor finds Barrie can tell a story about almost every one Photography: James Mitchell Forty years ago a struggling young F3 driver came to kip on the floor of the dingy North London flat I shared with journalist Andrew Marriott and fellow F3 racer Chris Lambert. Whenever Barrie Williams came...


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