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Page 10, July 1949

Reports of Recent Events

Grand Prix De Bruxelles This Formula II (not "B" as some would have it) race was a battle between the G.P.-type Ferraris with the sports V12 2-litre engines installed, the 1,430-c.c. Simcas, the 2-litre Veritas cars and O. Moore's O.B.M. Moore made the fastest practice lap in the first session, in heavy rain, but retired in the race itself. The G.P. Ferrari chassis is apparently better suited to...

Page 25, April 1957

Parisian Affair

Motor Sport Crosses the Channel to Enjoy Motoring Freedom and Visit the Renault, Simca and Logo-Talbot Factories Petrol rationing is irksome, so on the last day of February we left England for France, where a generous allocation of petrol to tourists is going to keep the Air Bridge and the cross-Channel steamers exceedingly busy this summer. The plot was to spend six days visiting some Parisian...

Page 23, November 1946


by "Baladeur" "At Kingsclere, we turned down the lanes, well-surfaced, flanked by gracious country-houses standing in orderly grounds, and seemingly quite devoid of traffic. . . . We fell to reflecting what a lot of motoring must still remain to be chronicled, considering how the motor car must have been adopted cautiously in these parts. . . . Perhaps some day someone will recall all these...

Page 7, November 1940

Club News

The commencement of large scale air raids on London on September 7th put paid to a number of club meetings. The 750 Club and the E.R.A. Club have cancelled their meetings in town, and a proposed future gathering of the M.G. Car Club has had to be abandoned. The 750 Club has been particularly hard hit, for a bomb unluckily fired the offices of P. H. Hunter, the secretary, and although very...

Page 21, September 1949

Veteran Types — XXXV

by Kent Karslake Two Single-Cylinder De Dion Boutons I never miss a Vintage Sports Car Club event if I can help it. But on April 23rd last, I was what we call locally "down the country," and the Minister of Fuel and Power, apparently, found that it would not fit in with his plans if I paid a flying visit to the Midlands. In consequence, the first I knew of what had happened at the Club's...

Page 72, July 1959

Letters From Readers

N.B. -- Opinions Expressed are those of our Correspondents and Motor Sport does not neccessarily associate itself with them. -- Ed. The New Citroens - Where They Fail Sir, You published a letter from me under this title in January and four letters in subsequent issues, two of which attack what I said, under the title "Where They Succeed." Please allow me to reply. Firstly, most of what these...

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