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Page 72, November 2014

"It just keeps on giving"

Motor Sport was offered an exclusive opportunity to try Audi’s 2014 Le Mans-winning R18. Your chauffeur? Harry Tincknell, who scored an eye-catching class victory on his Sarthe debut Writer: Sam Smith Mid-August, Italy. Shutdown. The towns and cities have emptied, their citizens headed for the Adriatic. Bronzed tourists line up, sardine-like, and bake on the scorched beaches of Riccione. A few...

Page 22, December 2011

Readers Meet Audi's LM Stars

Chiswick, London "For me, driving on the M4 is more dangerous than driving at Le Mans," said Allan McNish as the constant stream of headlights lit up the motorway outside the quaffro rooms' giant windows. He and Tom Kristensen, friends and team-mates with 10 Le Mans wins between them, had joined us at Audi's flagship West London dealership to meet readers of Motor Sport and join them for a...

Page 78, July 2010

Lunch with... Tom Kristensen

He won Le Mans at his first attempt, and has barely been off the podium since then. Little wonder the Dane’s passion for La Sarthe still shines throughBy Simon Taylor Le Mans is an extraordinary motor race, and to conquer it takes an extraordinary mix of abilities. Physical fitness and stamina, of course, and high levels of cockpit concentration, often in dramatically changing conditions. And,...

Page 48, January 2012

The seven-year itch

That’s how much time has passed since Johnny Herbert last raced an Audi R8 sports prototype – so how would its 2011 Le Mans-winning R18 stablemate compare? By Damien Smith Johnny Herbert is giggling, and as usual it seems to be contagious. He’s attempting to press himself into a ‘bucket’ seat that has been moulded to the pert contours of ‘wee’ Allan McNish, but it’s proving to be a bit of a...

Page 44, December 2011


A real road hog Sir, Very good story from Rob Widdows on the Porsche Pink Pig (November issue). I was impressed to learn too that Herr Bischof is so articulate in English — an improvement from just thumb up or down in 1969! This particular 917 wasn't just a pig off the track, it was also a pig on the road. At Le Mans in 1971 only the quickest of the 917s could outpace a 512M [which Alain was...

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