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Page 28, June 1996

Growing Pains

Grand Prix racing's new-style feeder formula is well populated, but Simon Arron witnessed a baptism that wasn't wholly smooth Formula 3000 makes its big step into the future, into a world devoid of extravagant technology but which promises simultaneously to reduce costs, increase public awareness and to serve as a broader shop window of talent for Formula One scouts. D-day is May 12, at the...

Page 41, October 1993

Cheap freeze?

Lola's Nick Langley was looking forward to going to Spa. The company's Formula 3000 project manager has had a rum year in Europe, where not one T93/50 chassis has been sold, and he went to Belgium hoping to drum up business for 1994. When he got there, the first thing he learnt was that there will, FIA ratification pending, be a ban on new cars next season . . . This did not make his weekend. The...

Page 15, August 2012

Lola on the brink as recession bites

The appointment of administrators at Lola has brought the future of racing car manufacture in the UK into sharp focus. The administrators claim they are hopeful that Lola Cars International and its sister company, Lola Composites, can be saved, but should no buyer or buyers be found, the end of Lola would mark the disappearance of the last of the traditional major racing car constructors in the...

Page 24, February 1994

Blind dates?

I think it's an absolute disgrace. It's obvious to me that nothing has changed. Really, nobody gives a toss, do they?" The speaker, despairing, did not wish to be named. He doesn't want to waste time creating a fuss, nor arguing with the authorities when there are better things to be done. Like trying to source around half a million pounds with which to go motor racing. The object of his wrath?...

Page 32, January 1996

Breaking the price

The launch of the new Lola Formula 3000 car heralds a new era on the final rung of the Grand Prix ladder. Will it work? FM President Max Mosley is confident about its prospects Only six months ago, the future of Formula One's ante-chamber was still not clearly defined. Indeed, the identity of the engine supplier to the new, one-make Formula 3000 was only confirmed two days before the unveiling of...

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