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Page 37, July 1995

Nova and Nova and Nova again

It was a hard manoeuvre, certainly. Maybe, with hindsight, even unfair. But it wasn't malicious. No one of sound mind is deliberately going to drive into another racing car at the best part of 180 mph. No, when Vincenzo Sospiri moved across to claim the inside line for the first corner in Barcelona, he simply made a small error of judgment, which sent the nose fin of Fabrizio de Simone's Reynard...

Page 9, June 1997

Lola Formula One folds, leaving £6.3 million debts

The Lola Formula One Team went into liquidation last month with £6.3 million debts. Its parent company, Lola Cars, is owed £3 million. Creditors of the abortive F1 team, which competed in just one event in 1997, met on April 28 to discuss reallocation of its remaining assets but liquidator Bartfield and Company says no solution was available to keep the team alive. Lola Cars, one of Britain's...

Page 4, September 1994

The month in MOTOR SPORT

July 18: Co-driver Mark Brickstock succumbs to injuries sustained, the previous day, in a single-venue stage rally at Snetterton. 19: David Brabham escapes unhurt after rolling his Simtek during a Silverstone test. 20: British Rally Championship entrants vote to exclude 'kit cars' from the 1995 series. 22: Michel Ferte/Michel Neugarten (Venturi) win the BPRO four-hour race at Spa. The Frenchmen...

Page 32, September 1995

Turning point?

Hockenheim has played a pivotal role in the past two FIA F3000 series. And once again, it has created confusion in the perceived natural order of things... When Marc Goossens crossed the line to win the Hockenheim Formula 3000 race, it was significant for several reasons. It was a first F3000 victory for him, and for Derek Mower's small but effective Nordic Racing. It ended Super Nova's...

Page 74, September 2008

Lunch with... Lola

Lola’s founder and its saviour recall 50 years of entrepreneurial effort which has taken in almost every category of motor racing By Simon Taylor There are easier ways to make money than by building racing cars for sale. In fact, the major makers since the 1950s – the likes of Cooper, Lotus, Elva, Brabham, March, Reynard – have all, for one reason or another, hit the buffers and disappeared. The...

Page 40, January 1995

Great Dane

Paul Stewart Racing's monopoly on the British F3 title continued last season, as Jan Magnussen racked up a record tally of seasonal victories There was one moment in the 1994 British Formula Three Championship when Jan Magnussen looked vulnerable: March 26, 12 noon. He had just stuffed his pristine Paul Stewart Racing Dallara F394-Mugen into the unforgiving Copse wall in the very first qualifying...

Page 3, October 2001


We clapped and clapped in a spontaneous show of affection. Someone stood up. We all stood up. And clapped some more. Awards ceremonies do not float my boat as a rule, but I will cherish forever my presence at the 1998 Autosport Awards, for that was the glittering occasion at which Ken Tyrrell's outstanding contribution to motorsport was 'officially' recognised. Ken was moved. Everyone was. But he...

Page 4, March 1993


JANUARY 19: The March F1 team appears set to be sold. 19: At a meeting chaired by John Macdonald, there is healthy support for the 1993 British F2 Championship. Around 35 UK-based entrants state their intention to compete. If the series can generate decent support, a generous prize fund and TV coverage are promised. 21: FISA issues its entry list for the World Championship. Unsurprisingly,...

Page 18, June 1999

Enough Hectoring

Sir, I enjoyed the Brabham stories in your May issue, but am still reeling from your choice of cover photograph. Why, when you could have featured such Brabham legends as Black Jack himself, Denny Hulme, Dan Gurney, _Jacky Ickx, Niki Lauda or Nelson Piquet, did you choose that archetypal mega-buck no-mark, Hector Rebaque? Still, I should be grateful that you didn't run Motor Sport's first Rebaque...

Page 4, September 1993

The month in Motor Sport

July 15: Active ride and traction control are banned from F1 forthwith as FISA's World Motor Sports Council meets in Paris. 16: Jaguar loses its Le Mans GT victory. The ACO's decision to exclude the X1220C has nothing to do with technical regulations; rather, the race organiser points out that Jaguar ran in the race under appeal, but had failed to comply with the correct appeal procedure....

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